David Freedman is an artist blacksmith and writer of fiction and non-fiction. He has written books on blacksmithing as well as articles, short stories and theatre scripts. 


As an blacksmith and Sculptor for over 20 years, David has displayed his work across the UK and abroad and has contributed to blogs and magazines on the subject of art, blacksmithing and sculpture. (Visit www.davidfreedmansculpture.com to see more of his work)


His book Artist Blacksmith Sculptue exploring the blacksmith's craft and documenting his artistic work  is available on Amazon internationally and regularly features in the top 100 metalwork books.


Stunt Crow and Jewel of the Brook are illustrated epic poems for children and adults with crisp film-like illustrations by Mike Kelly.


David has written the scripts for two children's theatre shows, currently touring the UK (forest-tribe.com).

He is currently working on a collection of short stories exploring creation in reverse, Bach and the chloroform addict, religious poultry and method acting dogs, and unsettlingly familiar dystopian futures.


Crow Book
Blacksmithing Book

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Stunt Crow Children's Story - Back Cover

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