David Freedman is an artist Blacksmith, sculptor and writer. This combination results in daydreaming fiction when he is supposed to be sculpting and doodling designs when he ought to be writing. The wilds of his ramshackle retreat in rural Cheshire, England have given David a love of the natural world which inspires much of his artwork and some of his writing.


Having grown up in rural England, David wandered to London at the age of 19 to see what the streets were made of, taking a degree in psychology at UCL and going on to study journalism at West Herts College, but the ever present desire to create things brought him back to the fold and into blacksmithing. 


Whilst building a business as a blacksmith and a reputation as a metal sculptor, David continued writing, penning short stories, essays and children's books as well as books on the art of blacksmithing. 



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Photo by Kirsty Thompson (by kind permission of Cheshire Life)

Mike Kelly is a painter and illustrator working from his home in rural England. After a long career in the creative industries he has developed a keen eye for visual drama and is able to translate this into striking imagery.


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2010 - present
2010 - present

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